Psychic Capital

Psychic Capital: Tech and Silicon Valley Turn to Mystics for Advice is mostly a mediocre read, which highlights some tragic truths about San Francisco and Tech. I don’t think anyone needs a psychic to point this stuff out though.

Entering into tech requires people to either amp up their spirituality or to disconnect it and turn away altogether.

Also, by continually referring to the use of psychics, astrology, and numerology as “spirituality,” it perpetuates a hocus-pocus misconception of the term.

Tech companies, with their foosball tables and climbing walls, enable a prolonged adolescence that, in turn, pushes employees to seek spiritual fulfillment in drugs … or Burning Man … or SoulCycle … or psychics.

I’d argue that those activities are actually spiritual avoidance.

The irony is that the same free-spirited culture that inspired tech to experiment with spirituality is also threatening that spirituality’s existence in San Francisco.

Again, really flippant use of the word spirituality.

If the billionaire meek haven’t inherited the earth yet, they’ve certainly inherited San Francisco, along with its spectacular crash-and-burn destiny.







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