Kent Trail Hike

Spending a few hours hours in the forest is the best way I know to realign myself when I’m feeling out of sorts. One of my favorite hikes in Marin County is the Kent Trail – Rocky Ridge Fire Road loop in Fairfax. It’s about 7 miles with an 800′ change in elevation. The hike begins by walking over Bon Tempe dam and then follows along the conifer shores of Alpine Lake, up through a redwood forest, and emerges at a ridge with beautiful views of the North Bay, including Lake Laguinitas.

The first time I hiked this route, we saw RIVER OTTERS! They were swimming around, holding hands, and observing us curiously. I could do little more than shriek in delight at the unexpected sighting. Unfortunately, there were no river otter sightings today, but there was plenty of beautiful scenery. I have yet to find a way to accurately capture the majesty of redwoods and these photos were all taken with my iPhone 5S.






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    Beautiful photos!

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